Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Movie Review - Journey to the West (2013)

Name: Journey to the West : Conquering the Demon
Directors: Chi-Kin Kwok
Writers: Stephen Chow, Chi Keung Fong
Casting: Shu Qi, Zhang Wen
this is Xuan Zhang

Review: Thanks Churp Churp, too bad, only i won the tickets this time, since Kimiko is buzy, invited addelyne to watch lo. just after land on KLIA, straight away go home and watch this movie at Tropicana City.
Ms Duan

Story: A young monk, who is also a Demon Hunter name Xuan Zhang, travel to a river village and defeat a water monster, when he try to converting him with '300 children songs' another demon hunter name Ms.Duan, using mantra to capture the water monsters. Xuan Zhang report back to his master and disappointing that he fail to capture the monster and not able to save the people. his master believe him and set him to next mission.....

This movie i believe is "A Chinese Odyssey" prequel movie. since this is spin off, the story feel abit weird weird, but still able to digest the story. u know that Stephen Chow movie, using alot of GCI, it it do make it really good :( but there are a lot nice fighting scene and jokes. still entertaining. alot of jokes bring from Shaolin Soccer, Kongfu Hustle.
Monkey King

Graphic: the graphic is awful, i believe this movie is made for 3D, thus bring to 2D is pretty bad. it is freaking blur and poor background. alot of poor GCI. really bad.

Audio: not bad, nothing impressive actually.

Conclusion: still entertaining movie, with lots of funny actors. from Kongfu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. if u want to watch this movie, better watch in 3D. recommended for young to old.

Movie Review - Hansel and Gretel : Witch Hunter (2013)

Name: Hansel and Gretel : Witch Hunter
Director: Tommy Wirkola
Writer: Tommy Wirkola
Casting: Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton
Pretty Awesome Outfit

Review: Thanks Churp Churp giving out this tickets to me, it been a buzy week and months, watch this 2 weeks already, no time to update TnT.
ugly Witches

Story: After Hansel and Gretel killed the ginger bread house witch, they had become a bounty witch hunter who track and kill witches everywhere they go, develop new killing techniques and weapons. the siblings hired by a mayor to investigate missing children, they found out they are dealing with a high witch that hold a secret from their pass.

what i like this kind of movie, is like a steampunk theme, a bit like Van Hellsing, Underworld, movie, overall it is not bad movie, but the story seem very "unorganized", some part is unnecessary. it still an entertaining movie. imaging that witches with kongfu and hunters with guns.
Nice Radip CrossBow

Graphic: not bad. 3D should be quite impressive. it is also very bloody.
Audio: not bad.
hand Cannon

Conclusion: Entertaining movie, recommended to teens and adults.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Movie Review - The Last Stand (2013)

Name: The Last Stand
Director: Jee-woon Kim
Writer: Andrew Knauer, Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Casting: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker and Johnny Knoxville

Review: my first movie for 2013, first of all would like to thanks ChurpChurp giving me this ticket. the new cinema TGV in 1U is quite impressive. very big seat and nice audio.

Story: Ray Owen is a Sheriff in a small town Summerton, boarder of Mexico, live in happy and peacefully. everything change when a young drug lord escape from prisoner convoy, driving a heavily modify ZR1 with a hostage and heavy equip army try to escape to Mexico through Summerton Juntion. the FIB try to recapture him but fail everytime. Time is running out, Owen and his small squad decide to stand up and capture this drug gang.

a pretty straight forward story but it is good movie, like how they make it a small traditional sheriff fight with a squad of M16 army. 2 pretty powerful cars, alot of big guns, alot of jokes. a good movie to watch.

Graphic: nothing special.... the blood effect feel fake.
Audio: impressive with the engine and gun sound.

Conclusion: worth to watch. recommended to weapon and arms fans.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Movie Review - Life of Pi (2012)

Name: Life of Pi
Director: Ang Lee
Writer: David Magee, Yann Martel
Casting: Suraj Sharma, Irrhan Khan

Review: Thanks Nuffnang for giving me this tickets. actually i would like to win Wreak-it-Ralph. but then, i really happy that i won this movie, this movie is incredible. this is movie is very lengthy, more than 2 hours.
those are beautiful jellyfish~~~

Story: Pi Patel, a son of a zoo keeper and practicing 3 religion in the same time. soon his father decided to sell his zoo and animal and move to Canada with a cargo ship. soon the ship wreaked and Pi found himself on a lifeboat with a zebra, orangutan, hyena and tiger. together fighting for survival.

this movie is base on a novel written by Yann Martel, soon i will buy his book, hahaha. this story give me a weird feeling on this, see how you look at it, it can be a meaningful story or pointless movie. because by watching the movie it self, you cannot really understand what movie is try to tell. you need to get other information via novel or discussion.
ok Richard, i got my own place.

Graphic: this is the most incredible 3D i ever seen, it look really damn real, it was like looking real life thing through a box. most magnificent 3D in 2012. all the effect is great, the scene is nice, the animals are damn real.

Audio: the music is nice, the sound effect is great. stunning.
Richard Parker the tiger

Conclusion: totally recommended to all people, but young kid might not able to get what the meaning of this story.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Movie Review - Paranormal Activities 4 (2012)

Name: Paranormal Activities 4
Director: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
Writer: Christopher Landon , Chad Feehan
Casting: Katie Featherston, Kathryn Newton and Matt Shively

Review: Thanks to Nuffnang, this is actually an first anniversary of my previous PA3. lol, after 1 year, Munwai and Tony cannot join, sad sad. after watch PA3 i actually watch PA1. but not yet watch PA2 duh...
i confess, i just watch 30 minute ++ of this movie...

Story: this is happening 5 years after PA1 and PA2. a happy family, Alex, Wyatt Alex's boyfriend Ben and her parents. a new neighbor move in, one fine day, Robbie kids from the neighbor stay on Alex's house since Robbie mom when to hospital. after the kid move in. Alex experience weird stuffs and ask Ben to record all the video through the laptop and iphone, and they stun after they saw...

the movie is not bad, only the last part is the best, lol. some part is super creepy. the Kinect part is pretty cool~~ quite pity to this family where everything is so peaceful and just because a strange kid stay at their house, or i can say the adopt the wrong kid..... hope to see PA5 next year. tired with non stop horror movie.

Graphic: much more clearer, since they are using Iphones and MacBooks. bravo
Audio: same like previous movie, no music at all. only creepy sound.

Conclusion: this is a Sequel movie. after catching PA1,2,3 can u miss this 1?